Cops in Ohio’s Akron city are looking for the man who has pooped on more than 19 cars

Cops in the US state of Ohio’s Akron city have been assigned the weirdest task. Perhaps, this is something that they might have never done before. Cops are looking for the man spotted pooping on several cars.



Since last one year, cops in Akron have been receiving several complaints from the residents of “Castle Homes” area in the city about an individual who poops on cars and kids’ toys. Fortunately, on March 11th, one of the CCTV cameras in the area captured this young man while he was relieving himself on one of the cars.

The owner of the house with CCTV camera was surprised after looking at the recorded footage, and he enthusiastically handed that over to the cops. The resident / owner of this camera did not wish to be named. But he interacted with journalists and shared his ordeal. He said the man had targeted his car seven times before this incident. Another resident interacted with reporters and shared similar experience. He also pointed out that all the residents in the area were blaming each other for the mess every morning. But now everyone knows who the real trouble maker was.

Rick Edwards, the Akron police official interacted with journalists and shared the suspect’s photo last week. He urged residents to help them find the psycho.

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