Review for BBC’s documentary- India’s Daughter

Cyber Journal24, Mar 05, 2015
By- Nitten Gokhaley

BBC’s India’s Daughter has once again brought the famous Delhi gang rape under the limelight.

Everyone knows that the documentary contains interactions with Nirbhaya’s parents, rapist Mukesh Singh, and rapists’ lawyers. But the Indian media did not highlight that the film also contains film maker’s discussion with former Chief Justice Leila Seth, Tihar jail psychiatrist Dr. Sandeep Govil, patrolling man Raj Kumar, victim’s friend and tutor Satender, additional Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police- Pramod Kushwa, and Pratibha Sharma, the investigating officer for the case.

The documentary is produced, directed by Leslee Udwin and edited by Anrudha Singh. Reports suggest that Leslee Udwin was working on this documentary since last two years. Writer and historian from Oxford University, Dr. Maria Misra also shares her opinion about the case in this documentary.

Delhi 5


The documentary starts with scenes that show clashes between protesters and Delhi police. These clashes happened in December 2012, right after the brutal rape incident. Thousands of people came on streets of Delhi to protest against the congress led central and state government’s failure in tackling high crime against women rate. The first few minutes of the documentary shows how Delhi police kicked, slapped women, and used water cannon, tear gas against protesters near India gate during anti-rape protests held in December 2012.

Nirbhaya’s parents and tutor

Her brave parents have shared everything about their daughter’s life. It was her dream to become a doctor, and to open a hospital in her hometown. She wanted to help the poor population that does not have access to hospitals.

Nirbhaya’s former tutor, friend-Satender has also shared some details about India’s daughter. He pointed out that she struggled a lot due to lack of money while completing her physiotherapy course in Dehradun based college. She also worked in a call center to make money for her college expenses. Nirbhaya believed that a girl has the power to do anything.

Interaction with rapist and his lawyers

Rapist Mukesh Singh has narrated complete details about the incident, and also about the background of all six convicts. He did not hesitate to tell how the juvenile accused pulled out the victim’s organ, covered it with cloth, and threw it out of the bus. Let’s not discuss more about comments made by Mukesh and defense lawyers, as everyone might not appreciate them.

Yes, rapist Mukesh Singh, and other rapists’ lawyers did try to defend themselves by talking crap. You might feel like switching off the documentary after listening to statements made by defense Lawyer- AP Singh, ML Sharma, and Amod Kanth, head of Prayas NGO for rape victims and Juveniles. As expected, even some of the family members of those five convicts have tried to justify the incident.

Interaction with former Supreme Court judges and police officials

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police Pramod Kushwa also appeared in the documentary and shared some details about the case. So did Pratibha Sharma, the investigating officer for the case.

Pramod Kushwa proudly shared the information that they used dental forensic in the case to make it strong. He also patted his back by saying that his team filed the charge sheet in this case within 17 days from the date of the incident, instead of the usual time-frame of 90 days. During the last part of the interaction, Pramod Kushwa claimed that Delhi is absolutely safe for women; it is as safe as any other capital of developing or developed country.

Former Chief Justice Leila Seth, and Senior Supreme Court advocate, co-author of Verma report, Gopal Subramanium appeared in between the short-film, and talked about Indian society’s role in creating rapists.

The short-film also contains the documentary maker’s interaction with women in Delhi. These women shared their opinion about the case, and highlighted the point that Nirbhaya brought all of them together, to fight for justice. Women also shared their stories about how Delhi police attacked peaceful protesters.

Delhi 2

Perhaps, you might feel angry after looking at Delhi’s former chief minister Sheila Dikshit’s facial expressions while she talks about women empowerment.

Safdarjung Hospital’s Gynecologist, Dr. Rashmi Ahuja had treated the victim after she was admitted in the hospital by police officials. Dr. Rashmi Ahuja has shared some details about victim’s medical condition.

Tihar jail psychiatrist disclosed some disturbing facts

Tihar jail psychiatrist Dr. Sandeep Govil pointed out that there are several convicts in jail who have raped more than 200 women. But court has only punished them for 12 rapes. Govil also claimed that certain rapists in jail have raped so many women that they cannot even count. There are many serial rapists in Indian jails.

While sharing his opinion about Nirbhaya’s case, he suggested that all the convicts were habited to commit crime. They had also committed such crime in the past, but they were not caught by the authorities. So, their confidence increased with every crime incident.

Juvenile convict will walk free in December this year

The juvenile will walk free from juvenile reform home in December this year. Nirbhaya’s parents expressed their sorrow, and pointed out that the boy (juvenile) was young enough to understand what he was doing. They wish that the court should punish him as an adult.

The documentary also talks about India’s poverty, social issues, crime rate, and anti-women attitude of Indian society. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons behind the Government’s decision to ban it in the country. Modi Government’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was recently in the limelight when he termed Nirbhiya’s brutal gang rape and murder as small incident and pointed out that giving publicity to such incidents is ruining country’s image from tourism point of view. Later, the minister apologized for the same.

Unfortunately, even the Narendra Modi Government has failed to take concrete steps for controlling high crime rate against women in India.  His government took over the country in May 2014.

After watching this short-film, anyone can point out that the documentary maker must have received proper permissions before shooting the same. Certain parts have been filmed inside the Tihar Jail. Several high-ranking police officers, lawyers, and former SC judges are part of this documentary along with victim’s parents, and friends.

Nirbhaya- 1989 to 2012

During the last part of the film, the Victim’s mother shared the details about her last interaction with her daughter. The victim took her mother’s hands in her hand, and kissed them, and said- “sorry mummy. I gave you so much trouble. I am sorry.”

Her mother further says- “The sound of her breathing stopped, and the lines on the monitor flattened.”

Delhi 1

Delhi police attacking unarmed protesters 

The gang rape and murder case is currently pending in the Supreme Court. Let’s hope that the victim’s parents and her soul gets justice soon. They are waiting since December 2012 😦

Victim and her parents’ name has not been disclosed in my review.


Nitten Gokhaley is a freelance journalist. He has worked with several newspapers and news agencies in India.

Images used in this story are not from the documentary. This content cannot be used as evidence against the writer and publisher to file case in any court of law around the world. The content is for private reading only. The aim of this site is to spread awareness, we do not wish to break any laws, hurt anyone’s sentiments, glorify rapists, declare war against the government, or cause financial loss to any individual or organization.

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