Pay Rs 4,500 for repairing punctured tyre or face consequences!

Puncture repair shop owner claiming to be retired police officer threatened and forced a car owner to pay Rs 4,500 for repairing 36 punctures in a tubeless tyre. This incident happened on 3rd May, near Pune’s Hinjewadi area which is famous as city’s IT hub. The concerned puncture repair shop is located right in-front of- Life Point Hospital, on Mumbai Bangalore Highway. The victim has claimed that the shop owner himself made several punctures in the tire with the help of sharp object.



Garage located in-front of Life point hospital


Images supplied by the victim

The incident

The victim, Anil (name changed), recently interacted with Journal 24’s Nitten Gokhaley and shared all the information about this incident. Anil told reporters that this incident happened on 3rd May, Saturday, when he was on the way to Mumbai in-order to attend his relative’s funereal. Anil started his journey in his Maruti Esteem car from Katraj along with his mother, wife and younger brother.

Anil’s younger brother was driving the car. After reaching Hinjewadi Chowk, they thought they should check if there is enough air in the car’s tires. So, they stopped their car at puncture shop/garage which is right in-front of Life Point Hospital.

There were two people in this shop, and they appeared to be Muslims. One of them checked the air pressure in all the tires and suggested that Anil should allow him to check if the front passenger side tyre has a puncture.

Anil allowed the person to check the puncture. He went inside the shop, while the second person kept on interacting with Anil and his brother near the car. After few minutes, the first person came back with the tyre and asked Anil to pay Rs 4,500 as there were 36 punctures in the tyre.

Owner of the garage claimed to be retired cop

Anil was surprised; he denied paying Rs 4,500 and suggested that the cost of new tube less tyre is around 3,500 so there was no point in removing so many punctures. Anil also suggested that the tyre cannot have 36 punctures as it was not at all flat when he came to check the air. However the shop’s owner openly threatened Anil, and suggested that he should quietly pay Rs 4,800 and walk away or else face consequences. He also claimed that approaching cops won’t be helpful, as he himself is a retired police officer and can call several goons if he makes one phone call.

Victim decided to pay the money and move ahead to attend his relative’s funeral

As Anil was scared, he paid Rs 4,000 and moved towards Mumbai to attend the funeral. He did not report this incident to the police as the shop owner had threatened him. According to the victim, this puncture shop is located right in-front of Life Point Hospital near Neeta Volvo’s office, and is about two hundred meters away from Hinjewadi Chowk.


Expert’s opinion-

Rising number of incidents

Beware! You might be the next victim! In most cases, these puncture repair shop owners target people who come to check air in car or bike’s tires. They convince their victims to allow them to check one of the vehicle’s tires for puncture and then start demanding huge amount of money.

It is advisable to call the cops or report such incidents to the nearest police station. If police refuse to take action, you can approach your city’s commissioner office and register your case against the concerned shop owner and also against the police station which refuses to register your case. Paying money to these kinds of robbers is like supporting extortionists.


By Nitten Gokhaley

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