The hidden truth behind ‘sales’ jobs

Once Sam was reading about job openings in his city, he found that there are several openings for ‘sales executive’ and ‘telesales executive’ in the city. Sam started thinking about the reason behind these hundreds of job openings for sales executives. After discussing with friends, he realized that most of the people who join companies as sales executives work only for two months and resign in the third month.


Let’s take a look at why people avoid or dislike sales jobs

Most of the sales jobs are temporary 

Most of the sales jobs are performance based jobs, sales executive’s performance is constantly monitored by managers. After completing the training period, most of the sales executives are given daily targets. It has been observed that some companies ask their sales executives to resign, if they are not able to achieve their targets even after completing their training period.


In most cases, sales executives are offered a salary package with less amount of basic pay and more of performance based incentives, which depend on the executive’s sales performance. This leads to dissatisfaction, as a person who does not meet his sales target ends up earning a very less salary.

Sales jobs can make people dishonest

Everything is fair in love, war and ‘sales’. Sales executives are often asked to give incorrect information about the products or services which they are selling. In some cases, sales executives themselves dislike the products which they are selling to others, and lot of sales executives feel guilty after misselling their products. There are many people who stay away from sales jobs as they feel it requires them to be dishonest.

Sales jobs can cause health issues

Sales jobs involve lot of work pressure, and it also involves convincing the customers to buy products or services. According to Psychologists, too much of lying to others can also cause health complications because of the guilty feeling involved. Working under too much of work pressure can cause health issues like- blood pressure, obsessive compulsive disorder and other psychological disorders.


  • People who are willing to face constant challenges should opt for sales jobs.
  • Most of the sales jobs are temporary.
  • Sales jobs can cause health issues because of too much of work pressure involved.
  • Salary package consists of less amount of basic pay and more amount of performance based incentives.

By – Nitten Gokhaley

Nitten writes for several websites and a newspaper called Life 365.  He writes on variety of topics like Health, Travel, Business, Hollywood, Gadgets, Life style, Automobile, Politics, Science, Sociology, Psychology and more.

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