Tips to Handle Your Complains Against Your Telecom Operator

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has received 2,419 complaints during the period from January 2012 to January 2013. Most of these complaints were about billing, tariff and activation of unwanted services.


Let’s take a look at the steps to handle your complaints about your telecom operator

Deactivation of unwanted add-ons

As per guidelines set by the TRAI, 155223 is the number for deactivation of unwanted service/ add-ons on your mobile number. This is a common number for all the operators in India. You can also call this number and claim refund in-case if you call within 24 hours from activation of the unwanted service or add-on on your number.

Toll free number for complaints

The toll free complaints registration number for most of the telecom operators is 198. You can all up this number and register your complaint. You should try to record this call using the voice recording option, and make sure that you get a complaint number for your complaint.

If the representative refuses to give a complaint number, you should inform him that you are recording the call and you will escalate the matter to the nodal officer if you do not get a proper resolution for your complaint.

Send an email to the Nodal Officer

This is the second step, which should be taken only if you are not satisfied with the resolution given by the customer care representative. While sending an email to the nodal officer, make sure that you mention the complete complaint details and the complaint reference number which was given to you by the customer service rep.

Even if you do not have the reference number, you can mention the exact date and time when you had called the complaints number to register your complaint.  You can also mention that you have the recording for that call. As per TRAI’s guidelines, the nodal officer has to give a resolution for your complaint within 10 days once you register your complaint.

Contact the appellate authority

In most cases, Nodal officers offer satisfactory resolution on most of the complaints. However, if you wish to escalate your complaint further, you can contact the appellate authority. This should be done within 10 days from the day when you register your complaint to the nodal officer.

TRAI representatives

Every city has an advisory committee which reports to the TRAI. In case if your complaint involves huge amount, you can contact TRAI representatives from your city and personally hand over your complaint to them. You can contact your local corporators or MLA and ask them to give the contact details for TRAI’s advisory committee members from your city.

Important points

  • The email address of Nodal officers for various circles can be found on your telecom operator’s website.
  • To get details of your telecom operator’s appellate authority, you can visit TRAI’s website-

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