Free Music VS. Paid Music

Music lovers prefer to spend money for their favourite artists and buy original MP3s, rather than downloading pirated music

Music from Indian film and non- film is not just popular in India, but is popular all around the world. Indian music industry is estimated to be worth more than Rs 1,000 crores. Industry experts believe that most of its revenue comes from a host of value added services and licensed digital music services for mobile phone networks and radio stations. Some of the popular music labels in India are-                   T- SERIES, Yash Raj Music, Tips Music, HMV, Eros Music.

It is estimated that Indian music Industry is losing crores of rupees because of music piracy on the internet. But the most important question is, will people buy music if they fail to get it for free?

Nitten Gokahley conducted survey on various social networking sites to understand if people prefer to pay for music, and buy every album which is released.

Around 40 per cent people preferred to record music from radio stations using their mobile phones and other devices. Another 40 per cent people said that they always copy music from their friends or from other sources instead of buying it. While 20 per cent of the people surveyed, said that they will always buy original MP3s from shops or purchase them online and download them.

Some artists offer free music for their music lovers

Indi pop stars like – Alisha chinoy, Baba Sehgal, Shwetashetty,Anaida, Suchitrakrishnamurthy and others dominated the Indian music industry during early 90s. They made everyone dance on their tunes in India. Unfortunately, the Indi-Pop era came to an end in the beginning of 20s because of several reasons. However, some of these artists still manage to come out with their songs once in every six months. They offer these songs to their music lovers for free!

Let’s take a look at two of the famous names-

  • Lucky Ali


World famous Indian pop star Lucky Ali released his first free album called- Xsuie in 2009, this album was available free on internet. Lucky released another album called Raasta Man in 2011; it was also freely available on internet for the public. Lucky Ali released this album under his own label Lucky Ali Entertainment. Lucky Ali had said in one of his interviews that he will not make money by selling music, he will make money by organizing concerts.

  • Baba Sehgal

images (63)

India’s first rapper and famous pop star Baba Sehgal also offers free music for his fans. He records his songs and uploads them on a music sharing website and also on his Facebook fan pages. He said in one of his interviews that he uploads his songs for free on the internet so that people can enjoy them free of cost.

According to reports, these days Baba is considered as one of the best singers in Telgu film industry. Baba recently released three Hindi songs for his fans- Mumbai City (2012), Snoop Baba (2012), and PawaPawa Pawan Kalyan (2012).

It is clear that controlling music piracy will increase some amount of profit for music labels, but the actual percentage of buyers cannot be predicted.

By- Nitten Gokhaley

Nitten writes for several websites and a newspaper called Life 365.  He writes on variety of topics like Health, Travel, Business, Hollywood, Gadgets, Life style, Automobile, Politics, Science, Sociology, Psychology and more.

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