Tips to Help You Save Some Money in Your Day to Day Life

These days saving money is considered equal to earning money. Experts suggest that simply reading your bills every month might help you to save hundreds of dollars.

let’s take a look at some of the tips to help you save some money in your day to day life.

Read your phone bills


According to some recently released reports by the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, around 20 million people unknowingly pay for various unauthorized charges applied by their land-line and mobile phone operators every month. The reports suggest that some companies activate various services on the customers’ phone lines without asking them. Some customers, who do not read their bills, end up paying for these unauthorized charges each month.

You should carefully read your cell phone and land-line bills and check if there are any unauthorized charges. You should immediately call the customer service number for your telecom operator and ask them to remove these charges and give you a refund. This will save your money which you might end up paying if you fail to read your bill carefully.

Read your credit card statement carefully


Reports released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the United States suggest that some credit card companies sold add-ons with monthly charges to the credit card holders without informing them, and started charging monthly fees for these add-ons on their credit cards. It is advisable to read your credit card statement just like your phone bills and check each and every charge. For charges related to merchant accounts, you should also read the merchant’s name in front of the charged amount and cross check with the amount mentioned on the merchant’s copy of bill with you.

Make your insurance premium payments on time

May it be your health insurance, home owners’ insurance or vehicle insurance; it is advisable to make all the insurance premium payments on time. In case if you get hospitalized without insurance cover, you might end up paying hundreds of dollars in medical bills.

Travel using public transport

This may sound difficult, but it is advisable to avoid using your car and travel using public transport. This will help you to save some money on fuel and also help in reducing pollution. You can easily travel in  a bus or catch a train.

Opt for Solar power


Not just in the United States, but people all around the world are moving towards solar energy. You should use solar powered water heater and solar power lighting system in your house. It involves a onetime investment while buying solar power equipment, but you will definitely save lot of money on your electricity bill each month.

Just follow some of the above mentioned points and your will definitely save some money each month.

By- Nitten Gokhaley

Nitten writes for several websites and a newspaper called Life 365.  He writes on variety of topics like Health, Travel, Business, Hollywood, Gadgets, Life style, Automobile, Politics, Science, Sociology, Psychology and more.

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