Chantilly – a wonderful tourist destination in Northern France


Chantilly is a small town (commune) in northern France; it is situated in Oise region. Chantilly offers wonderful natural surroundings, historic architectural monuments and museums. Chantilly town is also known as world’s largest horse training center, and is home to some of the best horse racing tracks in Europe.

Chantilly is home to some spectacular museums like- the Conde Museum (paintings and drawings museum), the Living Horse Museum, and the Chantilly Lace and Heritage Museum.


If you wish to enjoy walking and riding forest trails, you should definitely visit the Chantilly’s Forest.


Some other attractions are- the 12th century White Queen’s Castle in Chantilly’s forest area, and the church of Notre-Dame. You can also enjoy sports like- polo, golf, hiking and horseback riding.


Chantilly town is just 38.4 kilometers away from Paris, and is 30 kilometers away from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

You can easily avail transfers to Chantilly from outside the airport. You can also travel by train from Paris Nord train station to Chantilly in just 40 minutes. So, pack your bags, visit Chantilly town!

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