Tips to help you submit your complaints against nationalized or private banks in India

According to the reports released by the RBI in April 2012, RBI received 48,180 complaints against nationalized banks. The Punjab national bank and the State bank of India received maximum number complaints. RBI’s Banking Ombudsman of India unit deals with these complaints. There are few steps which the customer has to take before approaching the Banking Ombudsman. Let’s take a look at few steps which can help you to escalate your complaint in the right way.




Step 1- Documentation

Documentation is the most important part of any complaint. People will understand your complaint only if you write it correctly. You should write your complaint using short and meaningful sentences in your complaint letter. Make sure that you also submit Xerox copies of other documents which are required to support your complaint.


Step 2- Meet the branch manager in your bank

Banks appoint a branch manager for every branch. You should escalate your complaint to the branch manager if you are not happy with the explanation given by the clerk or relationship manager in the branch. You should submit your complaint in written form to the branch manager and ask for an acknowledgement with his stamp / signature on it.


Step 3 -Contact the zonal office / Head office.

If you did not get any resolution for your complaint from the branch manager, you should send a copy of your complaint to the zonal / head office manager of your bank and ask for resolution.


Last step- Register your complaints with RBI’s Banking Ombudsman of India

If you are not satisfied with the resolution given by the branch manager and the zonal manager, you should send your complaint to the Banking Ombudsman of India. This body deals with the customers’ complaints against nationalized and private banks in India. BOOI has offices in various cities. You can send your complaint letter and supporting documents by mail or you can scan those documents and email them to the Banking Ombudsman of India.

Banking Ombudsman of India’s email address for Mumbai (Maharashtra) office is –


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