Mardin city- an open air museum!

Mardin is a wonderful city in Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia region.

Mardin city is situated on the top of the hill; it is also the capital of Mardin Province. It is located near the borders of Turkey, Iraq and Syria. You will definitely fall in love with its wonderful architecture; it consists of heavily decorated stonework from 11th century. Most of the architecture is made up of the beige colored limestone rock. Considerable percentage of Mardin’s population is engaged in mining and agriculture.

Some portions of the famous Bollywood movie – ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ were filmed in Mardin city; this movie has turned many eye balls towards the wonderful Mardin city. Some of the popular tourist attractions are- the Great Mosque of Mardin constructed in the 12th century, the sehidiyye Mosque, the Church of Forties, the Zinciriye Medrese, and the Monastery of Deyrul Zafran. You can buy something as a Souvenir, as there are several markets which sell traditional handicraft products like Carpets, Saddles, some Silverware and Leatherwear.

If you wish to spend some time in greenery, you can visit the nearby Taurus Mountains area along the wonderful Tigris River. Mardin city is a perfect tourist destination for people who want to get away from hustle and bustle of big cities. There are several restaurants, pharmacists, hotels and bank ATMs nearby Mardin city. Mardin airport is the local airport, but it does not handle international flights. Diyarbakir international airport is around 91 kilometers away from Mardin city. You can easily avail transfers to Mardin city from outside the airport. So, pack your bags and visit Mardin!

By- Nitten Gokhaley

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