Small Wonder – journey from 1985 to 2012!

I feel that 1980s was the golden era in the history of American television. 1980s brought shows like Small wonder, Silver spoons, Different strokes, MacGyver, Family Ties, Happy Days, Knight Rider and many more.

Let’s take a look at Small Wonder!

The story of small wonder revolves around the ‘Lawson’s family’.

Ted Lawson is the head of the family; he is a robotics engineer who creates a robot named ‘viki’ (Voice Input Child Identicant). Ted creates Viki in his office lab, and introduces her to his family. Vici becomes a part of Lawson’s family in first 3 episodes. Viki looks just like a normal girl, and no one can guess that she is a robot. Lawson’s family introduces her to everyone as their adopted daughter. Small wonder is the story about the comic twists and turns faced by the Lawsons family while trying to hide the fact that vici is a robot.

Its first episode was aired on 7th September 1985. The ‘Metromedia production’ was the producer of the show. Small wonder had several directors like- John Bowab, Bob Claver, Linda Day, Dick Christie, Selig Frank, Leslie H. Martinson and Peter Baldwin.

Here is the list of some important characters from small wonder-

Dick Christie

Dick Christie played – Ted Lawson in small wonder, he also wrote and directed few episodes of small wonder. Dick Christie also featured in TV series like – Days of our Lives, The Ropers, Super Password, The Walton’s, Newhart, Hart to Hart, Knots Landing and who’s the Boss?

He wrote few episodes of TV shows like – The Tattletale, The Lawsonville Horror, The Grandparents, Wally the Wimp, Togetherness. He also wrote the story of 1999 movie ‘Molly’. Unfortunately, cyberjournal24 is not able to get any information about Dick Christie’s current profession.

Marla Pennington

Marla Pennington played- Joan Lawson in Small Wonder (Ted’s wife).

Her other television credits include Soap, Different Strokes, Magnum, P.I., Charlie’s Angels, Happy Days, The Incredible Hulk, and General Hospital. Pennington’s film credits include National Lampoon’s Class Reunion, and The Day of the Locust.

She also acted in shows like-Different Strokes, P.I, Magnum, Charlie’s Angels, Happy Days, The General Hospital and Incredible Hulk. She was last seen in ‘The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet’ in January 2009.

Jerry Supiran

Jerry Supiran played- Jemi Lawson in small wonder (Ted’s son). He worked in many TV series and TV movies between 1980 and 1990. His last performance was seen in small wonder’s last episode aired in 1989.

According to some reports, since the beginning of 20s, Jerry worked at different steakhouses, but is jobless since he lost his job as a waiter in 2010. Jerry is looking for a job, and stays at the homeless shelter and sometimes spends his time under a local bridge in central California.

Reference link-

Tiffany Brissette

Tiffany Brissette played- Vici- the robo in small wonder. She started her career as a voice over artist with the show called- ‘A Woman Called Golda’. She worked in 12 different TV between 1982 and 1992. She was last seen in TV series called- ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ in 1991.According to some reports,Tiffany works as a nurse, and stays in Boulder, Colorado.

Emily Schulman

Emily Schulman played- Lawson family’s next-door neighbor (Brandon’s daughter) Harriet Brindle. Emily also featured in 09 other TV shows aired between 1985 to 1995.Currently, Emily runs her own acting institute, she teaches acting in her own institute.

William Bogert

William Bogert played- Lawson family’s neighbor- Brandon Brindle. William is pharaps the only actor from small wonder who is still a part of showbiz. William has worked in many TV shows, movies and TV commercials since 1976. He was seen in the famous TV show- Law and Order Special victims unite- aired in 2010.

You can watch his performance in this small video dated 2007.

Edie McClurg

Edie McClurg played- ‘Boney’ (Brandon’s wife) in small wonder. Edie McClurg is the most successful actress from the entire cast of small wonder. Edie has worked in several movies, TV series, TV movies and commercials. She recently appeared in ‘ The Stephanie Miller Show’.

I am happy that team small wonder is busy doing something or the other in their real life. Lets all pray God and request him to help Jerry Supiran (jemi), as he is going through some bad phase in his life.

This was my favorite TV show during my school days, I watched it on Star Plus (Fox network) here in India. Thanks to YouTube, the Lawson’s family is just few clicks away!

We will keep on updating this post as soon as we get new information about anyone from team small wonder. Please bookmark this site!


By- Nitten Gokhaley

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    • She was last seen in the chat show titled – The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet- which was aired on January 14th, 2009. There is no information about her address, or professional details.Will update it as soon as we find something. She is a talented actress, its sad that there is no information available about her whereabouts…..

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