Demand for a ban on chemical-based pesticides

A campaign has been launched against the use of chemical-based pesticides in the Rajhans Society of Manpada road in Dombivli, by Cosmic Ecological Trust.

Companies with a turnover of millions are producing these chemical-based pesticides and supplying those to our country; their products are bought due to economic and political reasons. Despite their functionality, the fact that harmful substances are seeping into our diet is a more significant concern. This is causing an increase in the number of cancer cases and many other health hazards. To counter this Dr. Udaykumar Padhye started a drive that supports the ban on such products.

A campaign has been launched against the use of chemical-based pesticides in the Rajhans Society of Manpada road in Dombivli, by Cosmic Ecological Trust. Dr. Padhye requested to distribute the Vrukshamrut amongst all those attending the session.

At the same time, the head of the Maitri Foundation, Srushti Gujarathi discussed the hazards of consuming leafy vegetables grown using sewage water. And she also demonstrated the alternative of growing microgreens at home, using Vrukshamrut with the least amount of efforts.

To eat the few cucumbers grown in your balcony, vegetables and a little bit of pomegranate that’s grown in your kitchen garden gives you another level of joy and is an overall different experience.

A tiny rose grown in a pot in our house gives us immense pleasure with its fragrance spread across the room; these things prove to be a major stress buster. To savor all this, you don’t need a lot of space in your house. In fact, for those who live in smaller apartments that seem slightly congested, the practice of gardening or the mere presence of these plants help you with fighting blood pressure issues, anxiety and depression. Srushti Gujarathi, who’s been practicing urban farming, testified this. We witnessed a speech given by Dr. Tukaram Savdekar. Dr. Radhakrushna Gaitonde gave the event organized by Sudhir Inamdar and the vote of thanks.

The event was graced by the presence of Dr. Vijaykumar Ponkse, Dr. Ashok Jain, Nirmala Padhye, Surekha Abhyankar, Pravin Gavde, Vaishnavi Navle, Manoj Vaidya, Sunil Barde, Sunil Shevde, Mrunal Inamdar, Sunil Ambardekar, and Vikas Abhyankar.  Besides the above, Shailesh Joshi, Dnyaneshwar Parab, Dr. Manohar Akole, Tukaram Savdekar, Prasad Agnihotri, Manjiri Manjrekar, Mahendra Patil, Deepak Deshpande, and Deepak Kulkarni were also present along with hundreds of people during the event.

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