Five lessons you would learn when you start working from home

Several researchers have already proved how working from home can help in decreasing stress as well as increase productivity. Companies also end up saving a lot of money spent on office infrastructure. More and more organizations are allowing their employees to work remotely. Here are five aspects that you would experience at some point once you start working from home.

Avoid negative effects of commuting to the office on a daily basis

As pointed out by author Iain Gately in her book titled Rush Hour, commuting a long distance for work on a daily basis triggers a lot of negative effects.

Several studies conducted in Europe and the US have already proved that the commuting time between home and office that an individual spends on a daily basis can impact his/her sleeping habits, level of frustration, family life, as well as performance in office work. On an average, the person who spends fifteen hours per week in traveling to the office from home and vice-versa ends up losing half an hour worth of sleep every day.

On the other hand, while working from home, you would not just save several hours spent on traveling but also manage perfect work-life balance due to Flexible working hours. Individuals who spend more time with their family experience lesser work stress and show more productivity. You would also be able to opt for a healthy diet.

Implications of saying “Yes” bluntly

Fulltime employees get a greater daily workload compared to freelancers as the latter are paid only as per the assignments that they accept and submit. However, clients often prefer getting more work done from freelancers and that too within a shorter timeframe. Thus, freelancers need to think twice before using the word “yes.”

Clients are not bothered to know if you work on projects throughout the day or take them as a Part time work. They want that “yes” from you so that they can assign the load.

Thus, freelancers must develop the ability to say “No” as and when required, politely of course. It should be clubbed with a “yes” while presenting. If you say yes without thinking about the consequences, you might end up losing a client due to failure in delivering assigned assignments within the given timeline.

Importance of focus and time management

Apparently, while working remotely, you won’t have your colleagues or a boss to check if you are at your workstation or not. So, one has to be careful while managing deadlines for assignments, scheduling meetings, coordinating with other people, etc. Your time management skills need to be in place. Learn to stick to a schedule, create to-do lists for tasks, and set reminders for important things to be done. To get all the work done on time, an individual needs to be self-motivated and focused.

No one can deny that internet plays a vital role in a freelancer’s life. However, access to social media and unwanted sites can take away one hour or productivity on a daily basis. So, to control the temptation of visiting social networking sites, it is advisable to use internet restriction apps on your laptop or desktop. Such apps would help in keeping you remain focused on work.

The importance of wired broadband

When it comes to 4G services, there is a lot of area wise variability in download and upload speeds. Plus, the speed cap applicable after consuming the data allowance on unlimited plans makes things even more difficult. After reaching the data allowance, customers need to opt for expensive top-up data bundles. Slow speeds can prove to be annoying, especially for those who Work from home and use Skype, Hangouts, etc. for making video calls.

No matter if you create a Wi-Fi hotspot your smartphone and connect your laptop to the device or directly use devices like the ‘Three’ network’s Huawei HomeFi, you would probably end up using the allowance in a flash.

Compared to using 4G service, using fixed line broadband offered by players like Virgin Media, BT, or Sky (fibre) can prove to be a wise decision. Wired home broadband connections provide more stability and reliability.

If your family members consume a high amount of data, opt for a different connection for work and personal use.

Importance of a dedicated workspace

No doubt, working from home is an excellent way to earn your bread and butter. No one would come and check your attire, shoes, and beard. But, it is important to make sure that you have a dedicated home office space. If you have a dedicated budget and adequate space, opt for home office cubicle or create a small corner office. Working in a specialized area would help you mentally to get the work done. Dedicated workspace is essential for Home based business owners to make sure your phone calls do not disturb others.  Use the space only while you are working and remain away from it during the rest of the day.


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