While in Taiwan, don’t forget to drink the island nation’s favorite drink

Cyber Journal 24 News, June 13, 2017

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Bubble tea is also referred as pearl milk tea and boba milk tea. While visiting different cities in Taiwan, you would definitely notice bubble tea shops. You will also find that restaurants, food courts, and hotels in Taiwan offer bubble tea on their menu. Boba milk tea is like country’s favorite drink since the 80s.

Recipe for Taiwan’s favorite milk tea

Milk, sugar, tea powder and pack of instant boba are the ingredients required to make pearl tea.

First, boil three cups of water, and then add four tablespoons of black tea in that water. Let this mixture boil for two minutes on slow flame. Then, run this mixture through a strainer and remove all the remains of tea powder, after that, keep the remaining liquid inside the refrigerator for few hours. Your tea concentrate will be ready.

Now the most important part! Boil three cups of water in one pan, and add one cup of boba in the boiling water. Let this boba cook in the boiling water for around five minutes. Taste the boba after five minutes and make sure that it is cooked. Once cooked, remove the boba from the hot pan, and flush the boba with cold water to cool them off.

Take another pan, add a quarter cup of boiling water and a quarter cup of sugar in the pan, and mix the sugar in the water. Now, pour the boba in the sugar water mixture and let the pan remain as it is for fifteen minutes. Then, keep this mixture inside the microwave for thirty seconds.

After removing the boba from microwave, pour it into the glass. Pour a small amount of condensed milk on boba, followed by small amount of normal milk. Finally, add the tea concentrate to the mixture and mix it well. Add ice in the glass, and that’s it! Serve it with one of those big straws.

Who created bubble tea?

There are several people who claim to be the inventors of bubble tea. However, reports suggest that Taiwan’s Liu Han-Chieh is the person who “invented” bubble tea.

The inventor suggests once he was attending his company’s meeting in 1988. During meeting’s break, his employee was bored, and she poured tapioca dessert in her cup full of cold tea for fun. She decided to taste the mixture, but it tasted nice. Liu Han-Chieh decided to try that again, with an intention to create some different type of tea. Thus, he ended up creating boba milk tea.

Today, Liu Han-Chieh owns his own chain of tea houses spread across several parts of Taiwan. His company’s name is the Chun Shui Tang Teahouse. If luck is in your favor, you can visit his Taichung-based tea house and meet him while enjoying your cup of boba milk tea.

Liu Han-Chieh recently interacted with international journalists and shared the story behind bubble tea. He shared the information that his company had started serving cold tea during the 80s. He got the idea of selling cold tea while traveling in Japan, where he drank cold coffee and started thinking about cold tea.

While discussing that faithful day when bubble tea was created, he once again shared the secret that his company’s employee Ms. Lin Hsiu Hui created bubble tea as the result of boredom. She was working as company’s product development manager during those days. Lin Hsiu Hui poured tapioca dessert in cold tea and decided to taste it, probably to get rid of her sleepiness.

Even others present during the meeting tasted it, and everyone simply loved the drink. So, the company decided to introduce the same in the market. Within the next few months, this tea outsold all other types of cold tea at company’s outlets.

Liu Han-Chieh also told journalists that these days; bubble tea still dominates sales charts at almost all of company’s tea houses in the country.

Pearl milk tea shops are slowly spreading in neighboring countries like Japan, China, and South Korea. Surprisingly, some tea houses in the United Kingdom are also offering boba milk tea these days. Unfortunately, Liu Han-Chieh did not apply for a patient after inventing this tea, or else, today he would have been a millionaire.

There are many travelers who prefer to first visit Liu Han-Chieh’s tea house whenever they land in Taiwan. Liu believes in focusing on innovating new products and in promoting Taiwanese tea culture. But he is not willing to spread his tea house chain outside Taiwan as of now.

Chun Shui Tang Teahouse currently serves around 80 different types of tea drinks at their 30 locations. The company’s founder says he only hires workers who love country’s tea and tea culture.

Tea lovers prefer this drink at any time throughout the day. At most of the tea houses, customers are also given the option to choose the amount of sweetness in their drinks. Once the drink is ready, the tea houses’ expert checks the sweetness of the drink with the help of refractometer and makes sure that the drink is according to customers’ specifications.

Taiwanese tea chains are entering the US market

Bubble tea is nothing new for certain Asian countries, but this drink is very less popular in the United States. I think only travelers who have visited Taiwan, Japan, or certain parts of China would be able to recognize this drink. But three tea chains from Taiwan dared to enter the super challenging American market in 2014. ShareTea, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, and Gongcha opened their first outlets in California last year.

All these chains serve Taiwanese tea drinks. Most of the reviews for these chains are positive. Americans find pearl tea as refreshing and light. Some people find it delicious, not too sweet and not too sticky. Most importantly, tea lovers in the United States are completely impressed due to the option of choosing ice level and percentage of sweetness in the drink. This is very rare in the United States, as you can only get low sugar drinks or those with the usual amount of sugar.


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