Three tips that can help your e-commerce site to make the best out of holiday season

Cyber Journal 24 Web News, December 23, 2016

By Nitten Gokhaley 

In this era of mobile e-commerce, shoppers prefer to wait until the last minute in order to buy gifts for almost all occasions. Such traffic cannot be ignored, especially just a few days before the holiday season. Thus, making your website ready to cater holiday shoppers becomes extremely necessary.

Here are some tips that can prove to be useful for small as well as large e-commerce sites.

Upgrade your website’s technical aspects to manage the traffic growth

Website loading time plays an important role in conversion rate. Visitors won’t appreciate shutdowns, slowdowns, crashes, and broken links as well. During the holiday season, you should expect at least 20 percent more visitors on your company website. Thus, your site should be ready to cater them. It should be competent enough to turn site’s visitors into customers. To put it in simple words, they should buy a product, sign up for your newsletter; follow you on Twitter or ‘like’ your Facebook page after visiting your portal. In order to achieve this, you might have to make certain changes to your website from time to time.

You might need to upgrade your server space, flash player, payment gateway, etc.

Firms like Real Bits can help your company to identify the necessary technical changes, adopt them, and test them to make sure that your site’s performance has optimized.

They have helped several e-commerce portals from the Netherlands. Real Bits can help your site to make optimum use of your website’s existing resources to ensure that your e-commerce portal can handle the excess traffic.

Adjust the content according to the occasion

Depending on the occasion, change the infographics, content, and videos on the portal. Create a special visually appealing design for every occasion.

Shoppers conduct online research and visit multiple e-commerce sites before selecting the item that they wish to buy. So, focusing on occasional content becomes important even if it’s just Thanksgiving Day. Visitors should experience that special holiday feeling.

If you do not have an in-house team to manage the same, select a service provider like Real Bits who can offer polished digital content.

Cater to visitors on multiple platforms

Almost all the developed as well as developing countries have 4G mobile networks to offer super fast internet service. Even people in developing countries prefer shopping using e-commerce apps or visiting such sites using mobile browsers. People prefer swiping their phone’s screen to buy fashion products as well. So, mobile experience has become equally important.

Make sure that the site is responsive and offers a similar experience on various devices like phones, tablet PCs. If you are looking for a customer friendly interface for your e-commerce portal, Real Bits can help you with the same. Their experienced team of designers will make sure that your portal remains user-friendly, no matter if it’s been accessed from a smartphone with a 5-inch screen, a large tablet PC, or usual desktop computer.

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