Pakistan wants unconditional ceasefire at LOC! Ready for unconditional talks!

Cyber Journal 24, November 28, 2016

By Nitten Gokhaley 

On Tuesday November 22, an Indian soldier’s body was mutilated by Pakistani army backed terrorists while two of his colleagues were killed. In order to reply, the Indian Army had launched what experts’ call-‘fiercest counter offensive’ in a long time.

Indian Army started a massive fire assault along the LOC since November 22 morning and kept on reportedly using heavy mortar fire to give a befitting reply to notorious neighbor’s army.

Experts also say that this is the biggest fire assault seen along the LOC since 2003. India’s response last week was very strong. Reports indicate that Indian Army’s fire assault in Kale, Nowshera, Poonch, Rajouri, Machil, and Uri have resulted in several casualties on Pakistan’s side.  Multiple Pakistani army posts have been completely destroyed. If the situation continues to remain tense, defense experts believe that India may not allow Pakistan to reconstruct those posts.

Unfortunately, besides three bodies of martyrs recovered on November 22, three of Indian Army’s soldiers were also injured in Rajouri on November 23.

Raheel Sharif playing with fire to extend his term

As pointed out by senior journalist Gaurav Sawant, General Raheel Sharif’s tenure has almost come to an end now. General is set to retire on November 29.  Some sources from Pakistan suggest that he wants to remain in power and thus, the Pakistani army is trying to provoke India in many ways.

Since India’s surgical strikes, Pakistan has increased its shelling and firing towards India’s civilian areas.  Pakistan better beware, India has its own plan in place.  Until October, if Pakistan violated the ceasefire with small arms, India did the same. If Pakistan used 81mm mortars, India replied with the same. Our Army’s response was commensurate to Pakistan’s action.  But this time, India’s response is punitive!

Sources suggest that India’s response will continue to remain extremely punitive during coming days. India aims to deter Pakistan from using terrorists to target Indian soldiers and civilians. It will take time, but India’s strong response will deter Pakistan from undertaking peace provoking operations in the future.

Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar has already declared that Indian Army will not take things lying down. Since the beheading of a brave soldier on October 28, it can be seen that our Army is trying to cause heavy damage to Pakistani soldiers. Thus, India is using anti-tank guided missiles, 120mm mortars, artillery guns and other heavy weapons while replaying to Pakistan.

Today, after almost one week, the Pakistani administration has shown its willingness for an unconditional ceasefire at LOC.

It won’t be wrong to suggest that Indian Army’s strategy has worked.


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