What’s so special about England’s Braintree?

Cyber Journal 24, March 11, 2016

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Geographically, Braintree town is situated in the middle of England’s Essex County. The town is part of Braintree district. It consists of both, villages and urban areas. The town is famous due to its woolen industry and tourist attractions. There are several historical buildings and structures that show the town’s past as Bronze Age valley settlement. Braintree is around an hour drive from London.

Freeport mall shopping center


Freeport Mall

Town’s main attraction is the Freeport mall in Chapel Hill area. This shopping center is home to more than 90 stores set up by designers from around the world. Most importantly, items at these shops are sold at impressively discounted rates. This is the reason that Freeport attracts shoppers from all around England. Its railways station is known as Braintree Freeport railway station. It is first stop for several Braintree to London railways.

Some popular tourist attractions

Braintree district museum displays some of the best Edward Bawden’s classic artwork, Castle Hedingham pottery, Warners royal silks along with several other historical items and artwork. The museum also displays records that show town’s spectacular industrial history.

Tourists willing to spend some time playing maize maze or golf can visit Braintree’s Blake house craft centre. The centre is also home to around twenty shops and one restaurant.


If you wish to spend time walking around beautiful lakes, and enjoy Mother Nature’s true beauty, you can visit the Great Notley Country Park. There is something for tourists from every age group in this park. Braintree & Bocking Public Gardens is another destination for nature lovers. You can spend some wonderful time around flower beds, ponds, or simply sit in the garden with your loved ones.

Are you interested in visiting one of the United Kingdom’s top three residential properties? If so, you should definitely visit author and actor John Gielgud’s four bedroom “Finchingfield” house! It is just few minutes away from Braintree.


Finchingfield House

Tourists interested in silk garments, and history of textile designing should definitely visit the Warner Textile Archive. The center offers collection of more than 8,000 items including point papers, designs, velvets, brocades and silk clothing. This is the UK’s second largest collection of silk items.


Some other attractions in Braintree are-grand central tower and its striking clock, old town hall, the Bocking windmill, St Michael’s Church, and bronze fountain located near the Church.

There are several family friendly restaurants, bars, and hotels in the town. So, there is no need to worry about food, drinks, and night life as well.

Initiative to keep the town clean

Braintree council attracted a lot of attention in 2009 when they declared reward of £5 for children who dispose waste materials like chocolate wrappers, soft drink cans, wafer wrappers and other waste in an appropriate manner.

During this campaign, community wardens, and council workers were asked to patrol streets three times every week. While patrolling, they used to reward kids spotted disposing rubbish in the garbage bins. Some locals criticized the scheme, but authorities suggested that this will motivate kids to follow discipline.


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