Apple has launched Apple Music for Android device users in India. But, will Indians “buy” and stream music?

Cyber Journal 24, November 26, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

This month, Apple Inc. made it in the headlines in India by launching its music service for Android users. Monthly charge for accessing this service is around Rs. 120. Music industry experts seem to be confused while debating about the percentage of Indian users who would pay monthly subscription to stream ad free music.  So, will this app really help Apple to attract Android users towards iPhone?

apple music

Indian smart phone market is dominated by Android operating system powered smart phones. Apple’s iPhone and iPad have not been able to achieve success in grabbing their market share, perhaps, because of high price tag on most of the Apple’s devices.  Now, the Cupertino, California headquartered company plans to reach India’s young population with help from its popular music service.

Currently, just around three percent of India’s smart phone users are using iOS powered devices, while 92 percent of phones work on Android according to reports.  This is definitely a reason to worry for Apple as India is third largest market for mobile phone makers around the world.  Apple believes that music service will help it to attract more Indian users towards its platform.

China and India are two of the most important markets for Apple.  Every forth phone manufactured by Apple is sold in China these days.  It made $13.2 billion from sales in China during this year’s third quarter.  On the other hand, the company has just made Rs 6,472.89 crore from the Indian market this year.

iPhone marker is slowly trying all tricks in the book to attract buyers. The company has increased number of distributors in India so that its devices can reach more number of retail outlets.  Unfortunately, the company did not receive expected response for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus when it released both models in Indian market this October.  Perhaps, extremely high price, and lack of discount offers were the main reasons that kept customers away.

Apple lacks Hindi music

Apple Music’s international songs collection seems impressive; they have songs from almost all international artists. But the app may not be able to satisfy users who are more interested in Hindi songs.  It faces competition from Gaana, Saavn, Rdio, Hungama, etc. in India. The main point that Apple’s executives need to note is that the number of customers that subscribe to paid music streaming service is very low in India compared to figures from other countries.

Phones need strong network to stream live music

News websites that write promotional content for music streaming companies often forget the fact that audio quality of streamed music completely depends on the mobile phone network.  Unfortunately, India lacks that as of now. Expensive internet data plans, and poor internet coverage had even forced YouTube to launch its less data consuming app for Indian users. Most of the users’ stream live music when their phone is in Wi-Fi zone.  Perhaps, this is the reason users avoid subscribing to such paid streaming services.  In such scenario, will Apple’s plan to use Apple Music in-order to attract more users towards its ecosystem work? Well, let’s wait and watch for few months to get the right answer.

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