Did news channels misquote Eknath Khadse’s statement about MIM?

Cyber Journal 24, September 29, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Maharashtra’s BJP government and Minister Eknath Khadse are facing criticism for Mr. Khadse’s alleged comment regarding banning MIM. Most of the news channels are playing the concerned clip from Mr. Khadse’s press conference in which he made some comments in Marathi. But did the minister really say that MIM should be banned? Nope, if you understand Marathi and listen to Mr. Khadse’s comments, you can easily understand that some channels are actually misquoting him. He never said that MIM should be banned.

Watch this video from 00:26 till the end-

Here is what he said: 

Mr. Khadse:

We are investigating Sanatan’s role in various cases.  If we find substantial evidence against the organization, the state government would definitely think about banning the outfit. If we blindly ban any organization without sufficient investigation, then the courts ask us to unban them again after few days.

Reporter: Sir, has the government arrested Samir Gaikwad without sufficient evidence?

Mr. Khadse:

If we start banning all the organizations on the basis of statements made by some people, then we would also end up banning Owasi, and MIM. We cannot keep on banning organizations based on people’s statements and requests.  Organizations need to be banned on the basis of concrete legal evidence that can be proved valid in the courts.

When SIMI was banned for the first time, courts asked the government to unban it due to lack of evidence.  Then again the government had to create a tight case against the outfit before banning it for the second time.  So, we cannot ban Sanatan unless we find evidence to create a strong case against them.

khadse’s statement was incorrectly translated?

Perhaps, someone translated minister’s statement incorrectly and made headlines out of the same.

To put it in simple words, footage shows Mr. Khadse clearly says that the government cannot ban any organization without evidence or just on the basis of statement made by some people. It needs evidence to prove itself valid in the court. There are several people who want government to ban Owasi and MIM also, but we cannot go outside the law and ban organizations.


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