Man posed as former FBI agent and almost fooled Oakland City authorities to gain government security contracts

Cyber Journal 24, September 15, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Blast from the past! 

Basheer Fard Muhammad posed as former FBI officer to gain government contracts and claimed that his company had provided security to Disneyland. He managed to reach the last stage in gaining security contracts from state of Oakland, but ended up in jail with family members.

This weird story managed to make it in the headlines during second week of October 2014. Most of the Oakland-based media outlets covered this story, but it failed to get space on international news websites. Let’s take a look at some of the details from this insanely weird story that deserves attention from weird news seekers.

"Basheer Fard Muhammad is taken into custody in front of Elijah University and the headquarters of BMT International Security Services on 27th Street in Oakland, Calif., on Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014. (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group)"

Basheer Fard Muhammad

Company submitted insanely unbelievable and fraudulent details about their past

Basheer’s security firm “BMT International Security Services” had submitted fake information to authorities at port of Oakland , Newport Beach, Alameda County authority, and to other govt departments.  The information submitted by this group attracted a lot of eyeballs, as they claimed that security guards in their group are former Navy men and their leader has worked as FBI agent.  This prompted multiple agencies to raid at the company’s office address and check what was cooking.


The company had also obtained insurance claims worth $440,000 as compensation for stolen items that were never robbed. Surprisingly, City of Oakland was about to award security contract (to offer security at City Hall) to the same company. Later, people criticized the city authorities for awarding contracts without verifying applicants’ credentials.

Records released by Nancy O’Malley, the Alameda County District Attorney suggest that Dahood Sharieff Bey was involved in extraordinary fraudulent activities.  Authorities created detailed affidavit containing 118 pages on how Bey had created fake license, insurance, and company’s experience related documents.

Latest reports related to this case’s hearing at Superior Court also pointed out that BMT collected documents from retired law enforcement officials when they had applied for job. The company had attracted former officials by posting ads about hiring security guards at $50 per hour.

Bey even introduced himself as Harvard Graduate, Golden Gate University Graduate, a former military marshal, besides introducing himself as former FBI agent. One of his fake documents also claimed that his company provided security to Disneyland.

Fraudulent information submitted by Basheer prompted multiple agencies to check what was cooking inside the bakery

State and federal agents along with Oakland police raided Oakland-based Black Muslim Temple on 27th Street on October 9th 2015. People living in the nearby area suggest that the area started witnessing action since just a few minutes before the arrival of dawn on Oct 9th. Helicopter started hovering above the Black Muslim Temple. The area was full of armed police, detectives, and other forces.  The concerned part of the city suddenly turned into a war zone, or some sort of Hollywood movie set. Security forces seized several boxes full of documents and other evidence from the concerned building. The action sequence ended when police arrested seven people including Basheer Fard Muhammad and left the area.

According to reports received from investigative agencies, seven people were arrested during the concerned raid. Agency released the following names- Ira Barnard Dickerson Jr, Billie Latrice Poindexter, Jameelah Aasma Muhammad Bey, Qadirah Najeebah Bey, Basheer Fard Muhammad, Dahood Sharieff Bey, and his mother, Jameelah Aasma Muhammad. Reports suggest that Dahood Sharieff Bey was also known as Black Muslim Temple’s minister. Dahood is facing several serious charges in other cases as well.



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