Snapchat’s Discover is attracting millions of users every day

Cyber Journal 24, Mar 27, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley

Data released by mobile analytics firm suggests, some Snapchat users do watch videos from Discover section on a daily basis.




In January this year, Snapchat launched its ambitious feature called “Discover” in its app. Snapchat surprised everyone when it managed to convince publishers like CNN, Cosmo, MTV, National Geographic, ESPN, Fusion, Vice, Food Network, etc. to publish content on its platform. Amazingly, several of these publishers have also managed to get ads for their exclusive content released on Snapchat.




The video and images sharing app also made it in headlines during January, when it asked advertisers to get ready to spend as much as $750,000 for advertising and reaching the app’s young users.

With more than one hundred million active, regular users, the app has already proved itself as good as Facebook and Twitter. These days, the app is also focusing on launching city specific local channels. People from certain cities are allowed to share their videos and images related to important events happening around their town.

Until recently, there was no data to prove Discover’s engagement level. However, New York based data mining firm 7Park Data has recently released some stats about Snapchat users. Figures indicate that Snapchat users are using more data since the launch of Discover. This indirectly proves that Snapchat’s users are “buffering” and watching video content almost every day.




Report suggests that on an average, Snapchat users who use to consume around 150 MB data per week before the launch of Discover are consuming around 400 MB data every week since the launch of the feature.

The company observed the data consuming pattern of Android and iOS device users in the United States and Europe. Data clearly indicates that Discover section is successfully able to attract and engage younger users with short videos.



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