Bollywood still misses legends like Gulshan Rai

Cyber Journal24, Feb 16, 2015

Trimurti Films and its founder Gulshan Rai are well known for their mega hits like Deewar, Trishul, Johnny Mera Naam, Yudh, Tridev, Mohra, and Gupt.

Looking at late Gulshan Rai’s past, industry experts can easily point-out that today he would have called Salim Khan. Not for story, but to sign Salman Khan, to work with his son, director Rajiv Rai.

Even Bollywood’s legend, Yash Chopra, had thanked Gulshan Rai for his support and vision during his last interview. Chopra had credited Rai for his success during initial days, after launching Yash Raj Films.


Today, Bollywood misses Chopra, as well as Rai senior. Unfortunately, his son Rajiv Rai still seems to be de-motivated, and the founder of Trimurti Films is no more present to control that chair.

Fans from all around the world are sad, and are waiting. Every day, these fans anxiously open Google news and check if there is any good news about Rai’s comeback. Fans have also created Rajiv Rai’s group on Facebook to keep everyone updated about Rai and his production house.


Shabbir Boxwalla and Rajiv Rai

Rajiv’s friend and screenplay writer Shabbir Boxwalla’s comic film is releasing this year. Hope this works as motivating factor for our director because according to reports, Rajiv Rai started planning Asambhav after Shabbir’s Dil Ka Rishta’s release. He had also started working on certain scripts during 2006-2007 after Shabbir’s Yuh Hota Toh Kya Hota’s release. This proves that friend’s work does act as motivating factor.

Rai jr

Rai was spotted with his wife Sonam at one of Adamis stores in Mumbai before few months

Rajiv Rai was recently in the headlines when he allowed producer Ekta Kapoor to use one of his registered movie titles- ‘Villain.’ Reports suggest that he allowed Ekta to use this title free of cost, and she used it as Ek Villain.

By Nitten Gokhaley

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