Goodyear is all set to introduce re-inflatable tyres

Cyber Journal24, Jan 28, 2015

Remember Pierce Brosnan’s BMW 750i L with re-inflatable tyres in Tomorrow Never Dies? Those tyres might reach the market soon, but only for cars and large trucks. 


Tyre maker Goodyear is working on tire’s air maintenance technology since 2011, and is all set to launch range of tyres that can automatically inflate themselves in case of low air pressure inside the tire.

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Your vehicle’s tyres and suspension system can get damaged due to lack of proper air pressure in tyres, while excess air in tyres can lead to tear in tires. Goodyear’s team of engineers focused on this issue and decided to develop their tyres that monitor pressure, and automatically increase or decrease air with the help of tube and regulator.

The pressure in these tires is set according to car or truck’s specific requirement before fitting. Whenever the regulator senses low air pressure, it opens certain valve and pumps-up the air. All the components including the small pump are fitted inside the tire itself.

Ohio based tire maker claims that this AMT (Air Maintenance Technology) can increase the tire’s life, save vehicle’s fuel, and automatically reduces creation of carbon dioxide.


Goodyear’s chief technical officer Joseph Zekoski recently interacted with journalists and shared the information that the company is currently testing tyres with AMT on commercial trucks in the United States and Canada. These tires have performed very well during first few series of tests conducted during 2014.

AMT’s research, development and testing stages are also funded by Office of Vehicle Technology which comes under the US Department of Energy.

Truck owners spend considerable amount of funds on tyre maintenance. Most of the damage caused to tyres is due to non-maintenance of proper air pressure. This is where AMT will help in cost saving.

By Nitten Gokhaley

Nitten writes for several websites, and newspapers. He has also worked as a freelance news script writer for one of India’s best news agencies.

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