Typo is back with Typo QWERTY keyboard 2!

Cyber Journal24, Dec 18, 2014

By- Nitten Gokhaley

Typo’s first keyboard was launched during January this year. But unfortunately, Ryan Seacrest backed company had to pull back their keyboard as it was hit with BlackBerry’s lawsuit. The business phone maker claimed that Typo keyboard’s design was too close to some of BlackBerry’s QWERTY keyboards.


Typo was developed by Laurence Hallier and radio TV host Ryan Seacrest with aim to help BlackBerry fans who wish to switch over to iPhone, but continued using the business phone due to lack of QWERTY keyboard.

Typo 2 resembles iOS’s virtual keyboard and desktop keyboard instead of those offered by BlackBerry.

Keys like iOs home key, backspace key, and alt key are little larger compared to the previous version.  Typo 2 also comes with lock to prevent unwanted backlight and auto-dialing. The keyboard is made up of two plastic pieces that slide over iPhone and form that wonderful keyboard.  It connects with your iPhone using Bluetooth connectivity.

This keyboard needs to be charged once in every seven days, depending on your usage.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use your iPhone’s touch id, and swipe feature, as the keyboard covers bottom part of the screen. If you are looking for BlackBerry feel with iOs software, this keyboard is perfect for your iPhone.

Typo 2 comes with price tag of $99 in the United States.



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