Priya Bapat launches India’s first mobile directory app


Pune based, Prominds Mobitech recently released their new android app called MySearch. This app was launched by actress Priya Bapat. Makers of MySearch are confident about app’s success. They said this app will gain popularity due to its authentic and verified content.



Currently, MySearch app offers verified information about Pune’s landmarks, unorganized and organized businesses, and service providers along with users’ rating for them. Makers also suggest that this app is country’s first mobile directory. Prominds Mobitech plans to update this app on regular basis.

Rajeev Manjrekar, the director and co founder of Prominds Mobitech interacted with media during the launch event. While sharing his opinion about this new app, he said that this app will gain popularity due to its authentic and verified content which is better than other yellow pages and directories.

Rajeev Manjrekar further said that currently this app is available for certain android device users in Pune and Hyderabad. The company is planning to launch this app for users in eight other cities. It will also be available for iOS device users within next few days.

pic 1
Rajeev Manjrekar,  actress Priya Bapat and Ranjeet Jena


Marathi film actress Priya Bapat also interacted with media during this launch event. She shared her opinion that this app will definitely prove helpful for people, as people won’t have to open phone browsers and bunch of phone numbers to find what they are looking for. All that they need to do is, open this app and they will get all the information which has been verified by MySearch.

Based on user’s location, this app offers phone numbers to be dialled in case of emergency. It also offers numbers for nearest blood banks, blood donors, etc.

By Nitten Gokhaley

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