Even the Supreme Court Appreciates Gujarat’s Land Acquisition Policy: NAMO

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujarat’s chief minister Narendra Modi recently interacted with India TV’s Editor Rajat Sharma, and shared his opinion about several issues. He also hit out at the Congress party and the Aam Admi Party for making irrelevant comments regarding Gujarat government’s land acquisition policy.


Gujarat’s chief minister was speaking during Rajat Sharma’s famous show called “Aap Ki Adalat.”

On being asked about favoring Tata and other industrialists, by helping them with land for projects, Narendra Modi said that Gujarat government has not offered free land to anyone. He also said that the land given to Tata for Nano project was sold to the company as per market rates.


Narendra Modi

Gujarat’s chief minister stressed on the point that his state’s industrial policies are same for rich industrialists and other small scale business owners. He also pointed out that the Supreme Court had appreciated Gujarat state’s policy regarding land acquisition for industrial development. The Court had also asked other states to come up with policies like that of Gujarat.

Narendra Modi criticized Congress Party’s vice president Rahul Gandhi for his comments regarding RTI in Gujarat and said that every govt department in Gujarat is covered under RTI.

While talking about dictatorship, Narendra Modi said that the BJP is an organisation which has several leaders, and the party works as team. He also said that he is heading the party’s campaign as he is BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate. Gujarat’s chief minister  stressed on the point that BJP had run similar campaign for leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani when they were party’s Prime Ministerial candidates. Narendra Modi also said that he is successful only because of senior leaders like Lal Krishna Advani and others from the BJP.


By- Nitten Gokhaley

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2 thoughts on “Even the Supreme Court Appreciates Gujarat’s Land Acquisition Policy: NAMO

  1. I feel Its all misleading at times, you talk different at the center and the rest of the country, but back in Gujarat the recent notice has been issued to farmers acquiring their land under the law of 1894- amended in 1956, which PM Modi has himself said as a British law, which was favouring the then Govt.

    Why these double standards, please highlight this topic
    Girish Pawar

    • Thank you for reading this story Girish ji. This copy was released before Lok Sabha polls last year, and it only focuses on what Modi said during the concerned show.

      I am trying to meet former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh ji and some other experts to put some more light on the land acquisition issue. I Will release that story soon, and talk about your point as well. Do follow this site, and send your suggestions to nittengokhaley24@gmail.com

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