Narendra Modi- India’s rising sun

Narendra Modi is one of the well known politicians of the Bhartiya Janta Party in India. He was born on 17th September 1950 in a middle class, outer backward class (OBC) family. He has completed his masters degree in Political science. 


Since his childhood, he has been a member of RSS- Rashtriya swayamsevak sangh. He is currently the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat; he holds this office since October 2001. He is considered as the best Chief Minister in India because of economic growth and progress which the state of Gujarat has achieved under his leadership.

Narendra Modi for growth 

Narendra Modi is considered as the ‘symbol of economic growth and progress’. Gujarat was completely destroyed after the October 2001 earthquake, which killed 12,290 people and 600,000 people became homeless. But today, Gujarat is the best state in India as far as economic development, and GDP is concerned. All credit goes to Narendra Modi and his policies which he is using right from 2001 to 2012. Today, almost all top business houses like Godrej, Maruti, Birlas, Tatas, and Reliance are running various projects, factories and production units in Gujarat. Every day, the Gujarat Govt approves hundreds of business proposals. The per capita income of Gujarat is around $1,600. The manufacturing sector of Gujarat accounts for 41 per cent of the state’s employment. Gujarat is a favourite destination for business owners from all over India because of Gujarat’s governance, economic management and business friendly policies. Gujarat offers best infracture and Public transport facilities in India. Gujarat’s Ahbedabad BRT project is such a huge success that even Americans had sent their team to Gujarat to observe how this project works. Gujarat is also famous for its forest conservation projects and clean rivers.

Modi is considered better than the PM 

India’s current Prime Minister- Dr Manmohan Singh is often criticized for his week governance, anti people policies, and ignorance towards corruption and terrorism to gain Muslim votes. Currently, India is facing many social and financial problems. India needs a Prime minister who is confident and can take quick, people friendly and business friendly decisions. According to surveys conducted by various news channels in India, Narendra Modi is BJP’s most popular leader, and the possible prime ministerial candidate for 2014’s Lok Sabha elections. Narendra Modi is considered as a leader who thinks from the point of view of a common man, and cares about Hinduism and its core principles. According to various surveys, 65 per cent  of India’s population wants to see Narendra Modi as India’s Prime Minister.

He can be BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate in Lok Sabha elections 2014

Narendra Modi will have to face many challenges if he decides to fight Lok Sabha elections for the Prime ministerial post. Some Muslims in India openly accuse him of supporting Gujarat riots of 2002 in which around 2000 Muslims were killed. The 2002 riots are considered as a revenge to the Godhra riots in which a group of Muslims burned a train called ‘Sabarmati express’ which was full of Hindu priests in the year 2000. Modi is also accused of allowing the state police to kill several suspected terrorists like Sourabiddin, Ishrat Jahan, etc. However, Islamic terrorist called- David Headley had clearly said during his interrogation by the US FBI that Sourabiddin and Ishrat Jahan were planning bomb blasts in Gujarat when they were killed in police encounter.

Most of the Muslims in India dislike Narendra Modi, as he always opposes caste, race and religion related reservations which Muslims are always looking for. He is also criticized by Muslims because of his Hindutva friendly image and his stand about Islamic terrorism.

By- Nitten Gokhaley

Disclaimer- The writer does not intend to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments or feelings. The aim is to spread information, and create awareness among the people. This article is meant for private viewing and it cannot be used as an evidence in any court around the world while filing any case against the writer.

Nitten writes for several websites and a newspaper called Life 365. He writes on variety of topics like Health, Travel, Business, Hollywood, Gadgets, Life style, Automobile, Politics, Science, Sociology, Psychology and more.

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