10 Feng Shui Tips to enhance your home living areas

Want your house to be the best one in your area? Want your family to always be happy? Here is something that can help! 10 Feng Shui Tips to enhance your home living areas!

House entryway should be attractive

When people walk by your apartment through the entryway, they should be pleased and attracted towards your house. You should use wreaths, mats, flags and banners to make the entryway attractive. It is said since ages that the front door is the portal for positive energy of the universe to come your way. So, as far as possible we should use our front door to go in and out of our house and keep the entryway clean and attractive.

Plants for health and well being.

Plants bring a sense of balance; health and nature into every setting. They are a key Feng Shui enhancement.

Areca palm are ideal for living rooms, mother-in-law tongue plant is ideal for bedrooms and money plant is good to be used throughout your home. These plants are amazing air cleaners. They clear toxins from the air and produce clean fresh air. All these plants look attractive. According to the study by NASA, using Areca palm, mother-in-law tongue plant and money plant together, will dramatically improve the air quality in your house.

 Color – an important part of Feng Shui

Color can either make you feel good and bring your energy up or it can make you feel sad and bring your energy levels down.

Colors play an important role in our day to day life, and very color has its own significance.

Chinese believe that Red brings luck; they paint their front doors with red color. They also believe that Pink, Purples and plums have the same effect. Green is considered to be the color of growth, freshness and peace; it should be used in bedrooms. Dark colors are considered to heavy for indoor use and should only be used outdoors. Light blue and yellow color works well in any part of our house. White color is considered as symbol of death, its overuse can cause “white occurrence”.

Bright light in key areas of house

Light can influence your health, career and love life. Green and Purple colored lights should be used in the room where we sit and discuss about money. Burned out light bulbs in your house should be replaced as soon as possible.

Kitchen in the back of the house

Kitchen should be behind center line of the house, ideally in the back of the house. We should not have our kitchen in front of our front or back door. Kitchen should be behind center line of the house, ideally in the back of the house. Kitchen should have adequate lighting; it should be clean, bright, spacious and airy. According to Feng Shui, Yellow is considered good color for kitchen.

We should add healthy and organic foods like fresh fruits and vegetables to our diet.


Toilet’s location can impact your wealth, health and love life. Toilets should have good ventilation, lots of lighting and cleanliness. Toilet should not be located above the main house door. We should always keep the toilet seat down and the toilet door closed.

Toilet should not be positioned in front of front door or kitchen. It should be located in the back side of the house.


Bedroom promotes a flow of sensual and nourishing energy .A good Feng Shui bedroom should lure and invite you in, it should be able to calm and excite you at the same time.

We should avoid placing a computer, TV set or any exercise equipments in our bedroom. We should keep our bedroom windows open for as much time as possible to increase fresh air circulation. We should make sure that we have enough lighting in our bedroom.

We should not keep plants in our bedroom.

Study Room

Study room is the most important place in our house. This room will decide our kid’s future. This room helps to generate knowledge and wisdom. The study table should be placed towards right side of the window and kids should not sit with back facing towards the room’s door. Study room should always be clean and tidy.

Paintings and pictures

If we cannot change the color of wall, we can just hang a painting or a picture to make our wall look better. We should try to put Metal pictures or paintings as according to Feng Shui, metals are associated with money.

Pictures from our past can also help generate positivity in our house

Drawers and Doors should be loose

According to Feng Shui, it is very important to make sure that all the drawers and doors in your house are loose and easy to open.

– Nitten Gokhaley

Nitten has experience of writing on variety of topics like Health, SEO, SMM, Tech n Gadgets, Politics and society, Travel, Hollywood and more. Nitten writes for http://www.ngweb24.com and http://www.cyberjournal24.in


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