Are digital marketing agencies dumping keyword stuffed articles in the name of press releases?

SEO campaign managers fail to comprehend the meaning of a press release copy

A press release means an announcement, newsworthy item or statement made by the concerned organization. It can be information regarding a new product, service, event, or even about someone’s appointment in the company. Organizations may also issue a press release to share their opinion about specific issues or controversy. Whatever the reason behind press release may be, the most crucial point is that it needs to be newsworthy. It should be something that the public or stakeholders do not know. A press release can also be referred as a news release or news statement.

Press releases are issued to newsgroups, bloggers, news websites, as well as released on dedicated PR websites.  They play a prominent role in content marketing these days, and this is where all the trouble starts.

SEO campaign managers fail to comprehend the meaning of a press release copy

Back in 2013, Google had already clarified that press releases are considered as unnatural if they consist of links.

This may sound absurd, but several managers in charge of content marketing, as well as SEO campaigns, remain unaware of the basics of news a statement. Some of them, brimming with confidence, even tell the blunt truth to writers that there is nothing newsworthy to share. This is what most of them say to their content managers: “Just write something to promote the company’s existing products and let’s submit it as a news statement.”

Writers have no other option but to oblige and write. Then, abdication of responsibility and a blame game starts as soon as press release sites reject the content.

Paid and free press release distribution sites

Some PR sites have their in-house moderators who review all the submitted material before releasing it. They reject press releases and also send a detailed rejection email to the author.

On the other hand, some of them merely release the submitted articles, no matter even if the material is newsworthy or not. SEO and content managers love these sites as they can quickly dump their press releases on such portals with links and complete their monthly press release target. This is the reason; you might come across several PR websites that are full of pure promotional articles. The system is being abused; content is dumped on such sites in the name of news statements.

Appoint in-house content editor to simplify things

There are tools like Disavow links that can help you disarm low-quality links. But, when it comes to text content, there is no other option but to proof-read all the articles, blog posts, Facebook posts, tweets and news statements.

Content needs a sustained and prolonged attention. Thus, every organization should consider appointing a specialist/proofreader/editor to keep track of all the articles, posts, press releases and even forum comments released as part of the firm’s SEO campaign. No matter if you have an in-house team to work on content or you have outsourced the department to someone offering affordable services from Asia, all the material associated with your brand on the internet needs to go from under the proofreader’s eyes.

In this era of smartphones and tablet computers, there is no doubt that content marketing can create as well as ruin any given firm’s image. Both, large businesses and small startups should consider appointing an in-house content editor.   The concerned person must have the authority to simplify everything by simply getting rid of the material that the campaign doesn’t genuinely need. No one wastes time in visiting such press release sites and reading the crap anyway.

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