Did BJP help AIMIM to retain political relevance by sending back Taslima Nasreen from Aurangabad airport? Here’s how Twitter reacted

Cyber Journal 24, August 01, 2017

Maharashtra’s BJP Government has already proved itself as the champion of secularism on several occasions before. State’s home department, headed by none other than the state’s CM Devendra Fadanvis, once again proved its secular credentials by sending back author Taslima Nasreen from Aurangabad airport. She was asked to go back to Mumbai on Saturday, July 29, immediately after arrival at the airport.

The central home ministry has extended the author’s visa for one year from July 23 this year. According to a report published by the Indian Express, the Bangladeshi author had planned to visit Aurangabad’s world heritage sites. Aurangabad central constituency’s AIMIM MLA Imtiyaz Jaleel had organized several protests near the Chikal Thana Airport. Protesters were also gathered nearby the hostel where the author had planned to stay.

Police claim they asked Nasreen to go back in order to avoid law and order problems in the city that has a considerable Muslim population.Now, one might wonder why did police give law and order excuse to send back Nasreen? If politicians like Asaduddin Owaisi, Pakistani singers, actors and cricketers are allowed to travel anywhere in Maharashtra with special security cover, why can’t the BJP Govt allow Nasreen?

There are several examples that show BJP’s hypocrisy and policies that revolve around minority appeasement, here’s the most remarkable one. State’s home ministry did not cite a similar reason and cancel former Pakistan minister Kasuri’s book launch event in Mumbai when BJP’s own alliance partner Shiv Sena, as well as other nationalists, were opposing the same. Devendra Fadanvis had said it’s his responsibility to provide security to everyone on several occasions. He’s a very good politician and had wonderfully explained why he supports vote bank politics during his interaction with Arnab.

Imtiyaz Jaleel has claimed he ensured she’s sent back. BJP’s spokespersons claim Taslima Nasreen decided to cancel her travel plan on her own, while cops said they sent the author back due to security concerns. If Nasreen had failed to take proper permission, how is it that Jaleel was informed about the details well in advance? It’s obvious that someone from the state’s home department leaked all the details. They are investigating this matter according to reports.

Former NDTV journalist, MLA Imtiyaz Jaleel

As expected, RW websites were quick to publish pro-government articles, claiming that the author decided to return, without any pressure from the police. But, Nasreen’s tweets suggest something else.

Now, of course, we should not expect Barkha Dutt, Rana Ayyub or Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife to come out in support of the author. But, even those who usually point fingers at hypocrisy shown by Bengal and Kerala Government(s) are maintaining silence this time. Anyway, let’s take a look at how Twitter reacted to this story.

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