Let’s face the truth. Hindus face violent attacks from Muslims in a Hindu majority country

Cyber Journal 24, July 07, 2017

By Nitten Gokhaley 

To be honest, sometimes, I fail to understand government’s inability to handle what’s happening in the country. I am not just upset but shaken and confused as well. With this opinion piece, I intend to share my conflicted emotions and interesting observations with readers.

Bias while reporting

Americans or Brits who watch Indian mainstream news channels would have a misconception about how people from the Muslim community are treated in India. The intolerance campaign, Not in My Name Campaign, etc. tried to portray as if the right to life and equality of the minorities is under threat in India. Certain statements from Prime Minister Modi actually helped these campaigners and motivated them to carry on adding fuel to their fire.

No one can deny that mob lynching does happen, but it’s definitely not in the name of religion as claimed by the campaigners. Such cases have been witnessed more during the UPA regime. These are law and order issues arising due to failure of the super corrupt police mechanism. But, campaigners are using recent incidents to target the Modi Government. This piece from Opindia explains how some news outfits created their data on the basis of nothing else but lies.

Getting back to the so-called “Islam in danger” theory, newsgroups that enjoy great viewership on TV and readership on their websites conveniently suppress the truth.  They would keep their tone low while reporting about how Jihadi mobs go on a rampage in Bengal. They won’t like to debate on how a Deputy Superintendent of Police was lynched by a mob of Muslims outside a mosque in Kashmir just because the official’s name sounded like a Hindu name. You won’t find top journalists discussing about how mob of Muslims went on a rampage in Mumbai in the name of peaceful protests. Nope, no discussion on how a Hindu Constable was murdered by two Muslims just because he requested them to show their driving license. Not much reporting on Sawan Rathore murder case, because he was Hindu boy burnt alive by three Muslims after confirming his religion. MSM also did not prefer to shout that a brave Shiv Sainik was murdered by a mob of Muslims (including minors) in Mumbai just because he stopped them from harassing women in the locality. Mob of Muslims stabbed a 65 year old innocent Hindu man to death in WB recently, but please, let MSM ignore it.

Journalistic principals do not allow reporters to indulge in such behavior. But, there are several case studies that show how Indian MSM selectively highlights cases with Muslim victims, while ignoring communal angle in crimes with Muslim culprits.  The hypocrisy has reached at such level that some journalists do not disclose the names of culprits or suspects if they are Muslims.

While on the UK tour in November 2015, British journalists from the BBC and The Guardian asked PM Modi if India has become a religiously intolerant place. Instead of ridiculing and exposing the leftist media, Modi ended up giving a speech about how India is committed to protecting the freedom of religion, thought, etc. He failed to highlight how minorities enjoy the absolute freedom of even issuing a threat to kill the Prime Minister of the country. He did not say anything about mobs of Muslims who vandalize cities in the name of peace in India.

PM Modi never hesitated to criticize certain news channels for their biased reporting while he was Gujarat’s CM. But, unfortunately, it appears he has adapted some sort of Nehruvian model after shifting to Delhi and thus, he’s neglecting how the majority community is suffering in the hands of MSM and his SECULAR bureaucrats.

A Muslim man murdered a Hindu girl in a Hindu majority country’s capital

This week, a 21-year old aspiring air hostess Riya Gautam was stabbed seven times by a Muslim man- Mohamad Adil alias Munne Khan. She was stabbed in broad daylight and no one intervened to save the girl.  According to reports, she did not receive medical treatment on time and passed away on the next day while undergoing treatment at GTB Hospital.

According to the victim’s brother, in April this year, they had filed a case against the culprit for stalking and harassing the victim. But, Delhi police did not take any action. Notorious criminal Mohamad Adil has several cases registered against him. His involvement in the crime cannot be denied because of the CCTV footage that shows him stabbing the victim on road. Unfortunately, Delhi cops have not been able to arrest him yet.

Let’s look at this story from “Islam in danger” angle, shall we? If Muslims are under so-called threat, how is it that people from this community are openly committing such crimes under broad daylight and even vandalizing police stations? Doesn’t this as well as all the above-mentioned stories question the narrative that MSM has created over the years?

Muslims in the state of West Bengal want death for a 17-year-old boy for insulting their sentiments with a Facebook post as per Sharia law, now will this crowd ask the court to punish Mohamad Adil as per Sharia law?

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Nitten is a consultant journalist, and has worked with renowned newspapers, news agency in India. If you are looking for desktop journalist, writer, you can email Nitten- nittengokhaley24@gmail.com

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