Buy travel insurance before you finalize travel plan

Cyber Journal 24, October 21, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley 

Choose carefully between the options of single-trip travel insurance and a multi-trip travel insurance, NITTEN GOKHALEY helps you in finding the best option.


Travel insurance- does it help?

Travelling overseas can be challenging and exciting. Your trip can turn out to be a wonderful and memorable experience if you plan it properly in advance. There is one question which comes in every traveler’s mind. What if something goes wrong during the trip? Can travel insurance offer necessary protection? Let’s take a look at some of the points to understand more about travel insurance.

There are several public and private sector insurance companies which offer travel insurance for overseas travelers. There are two types of travel insurance offered by most of the insurance companies- single trip travel insurance and multi-trip travel insurance. Let’s take a look at services offered by various Indian travel insurance policies

Things covered by most of the travel insurance policies

Most of the overseas travel insurance policies offer – cashless hospitalization in specific hospitals around the world. Most policies also cover expenses on medical tests such as-scans, x rays, and blood tests. Some of the policies also cover unexpected emergency surgery and dental treatment.

Travel insurance policies offer benefits like- coverage of expenses in case of trip interruption or cancellation, loss of checked baggage, coverage of expenses incurred due to delay of checked-in baggage, coverage of cost incurred due to hotel expenditure in case of emergency, coverage of cost occurred due to loss of documents, and coverage of expenses incurred due to loss of passport. If you opt for travel insurance policies that offer home insurance as add-on; you can claim your policy in case if something happens to your house while you are away.

Things which are not covered by most of the travel insurance policies

Most of the policies suggest that they cannot cover expenses occurred due to hospitalization because of pre-existence disease, or diseases/accidents caused due to consumption of alcohol. Some policies do not cover medical expenditure on injuries caused due to sporting activities, exposure to radiation and nuclear weapons. Most of the policies do not cover expenses incurred due to homeopathic or ayurvedic treatment.

There are thousands of cases pending against various insurance companies who rejected customers’ claims. It is advisable to read all the insurance terms and conditions carefully before buying any travel insurance policy.


  • Travel insurance offers coverage of several medical and general expenses, it also offers cashless hospitalization in several hospitals around the world.


  • Travel insurance offers coverage of cost incurred due to trip interruption or cancellation, lost baggage, and coverage of cost incurred due to hotel expenditure in case of emergency.


  • Some of the travel insurance companies in India are- ICICI travel insurance, Royal Sundaram travel insurance, Bajaj Allianz, HDFC bank travel insurance, Reliance general insurance, the new India assurance company.

(This story was also published in English daily -Life 365)


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