Offer Letter, in your hand!

In this age of Job cuts and credit crunch, employers are always looking for someone who is dynamic, confident and carries positive attitude. They are looking for someone who can contribute positively to their business.


Here are few tips which can help you get that offer letter.

Information gathering

Information gathering is the most important thing to be done before going to any organization for the interview or going for a telephonic round of interview.

Employers prefer people who do little bit of homework before applying for a job. We should be aware about the organization’s history, their clients, and their office locations. We should focus more on the positive aspects of the organization. The most important thing, we should also be aware about the job responsibilities for the position we have applied for.

Besides information about the organization, we should also be aware about what is happening around us. We should be aware about important news and events from our field.


Self awareness

While going for interview we should be aware of our positive and negative points. We should talk less about topics which irritate us, or topics which we are not good at. We should be able to promptly answer questions related to our work history and educational qualification. Late or dull response can create doubt about us in the interviewer’s mind.


Detailed Resume with focus on positive aspects

Our resume creates our first impression. Lot of companies ask their interview candidates to email their resume to them, companies get back to the candidates only if they find their resumes relevant or attractive.

Interviewer would appreciate a good resume with personal information, educational details and detailed information about projects that we have previously worked on.


Previous work experience

Work experience can play important part in your selection or rejection in the organization. We should always put true and accurate information about our work experience. Giving fake information about work experience can land us in trouble.

Most of the times, interviewer will ask you questions about your previous work experience and your view about your previous organization. We should always talk positive about our previous organization even if we had problems working with them. These days, employers prefer people who have lot of patience and who can go through extreme work pressure.


There are lot of things that you can do to prepare yourself for the interview, but you will get that offer letter in your hand even if you just follow the mentioned tips.



– Nitten Gokhaley

Nitten has experience of writing on variety of topics like Health, SEO, SMM, Tech n Gadgets, Politics and society, Travel, Hollywood and more. Nitten writes for and


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